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Jerusalem Restaurants

resturants in Jerusalem

The best Restaurants in Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s dining scene is vibrant and diverse. This city has got it all, from excellent gourmet restaurants that serve exceptionally sophisticated dishes, traditional and wholesome family restaurants, cheap and tasty quality fast food, and everything in between.

The Kosher observant travelers will be pleased to find that they can enjoy most of the city’s best eateries, and those who do not keep Kosher can enjoy the best of both worlds. There are enough options for everybody in Jerusalem.

This fine Kosher French restaurant is located in a historic stone house which was the first to be built outside the Old City walls in 1868. Meals here are prime quality, using the finest ingredients and state of the art cooking methods. The atmosphere here is sophisticated and romantic with lots of candles and beautiful decor. This restaurant combines old world elegance with a modern dining experience. This is the ideal restaurant to enjoy a special culinary experience.

Located in the city’s Artist Quarter and set in an ancient Jerusalem stone building, this kosher eatery serves great traditional Jerusalem cuisine with a twist on traditional recipes. The menu revolves around local ingredients and dishes that are authentically Israeli. On a nice day you can enjoy outdoor seating at the balcony which offers a scenic Jerusalem backdrop.

This tiny restaurant in the hip Mahane Yehuda market area is a family owned working-class restaurant that serves delicious Iraqi and Kurdish delicacies. It specializes in Kubbeh soup which comes in different colors and flavors. The wholesome home cooked meat dishes have given Mordoch near legendary status in the market area.

Talbiye, a quaint cafe by day, and a hip wine bar by night is a wonderful addition to the Jerusalem restaurant scene.  The vast wine list perfectly complements the brasserie style menu, while the breakfast menu is among the best in the city. The cherry on top, is that Talbiye is open 7 days a week, a true rarity in Jerusalem.

This popular kosher falafel joint in the heart of downtown Jerusalem has locals lining up for their tasty falafel and fresh garlicky hummus. It’s often so busy that the staff will cram you into somebody else’s table, what you might call an authentic Israeli experience. In addition to falafel, they also offer other popular Middle Eastern dishes.

Useful Tips:
  • Most of Jerusalem’s restaurants close on Friday afternoon till Saturday night for Shabbat. Only a few remain open
  • Israelis customarily tip between 10%- 20% at restaurants, cafes and bars

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  • Country Israel
  • Area Approximately 125 km2
  • Formation 4,000 BC
  • Population Approximately 891,000 residents
  • Language Hebrew
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