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Flights to Marseille

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A flight to Marseille, the second largest city in France after Paris, will allow you to taste from the ancient port city which was founded 2500 years ego. Marseille has a modern urban landscape combined with ancient basilicas and churches, just as it combines old French population with immigrants and sailors, and creates a unique life experience. For the art lovers, Marseille spreads a wide range of museums from archeology and sea vessels from the third century, to modern art including Warhol's pieces of art. Marseille does not neglect the lovers of the French Chic and there are many fashion shops to be found in it as well.

Planning a trip to Marseille? With EL AL you can fly swiftly and comfortably to Marseille, France. The direct flights to Marseille, done in 737-800 airplanes take off from TLV Ben Gurion airport and land at Marseille Provence Airport airport in Marseille. EL AL offers you a safe and comfortable flying experience with a variety of VOD entertainment packages for your enjoinment.


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