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Melbourne, one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, hosts numerous visitors every year, who choose to start their journey to the magnificent continent in this beautiful city. A visit to Melbourne can include the fabulous attractions the city has to offer, as well as the magnificent destinations nearby, such as the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, and many more. If you are planning a flight to Melbourne, it is recommended to take a good camera and comfortable shoes, since there are many enchanted spots in every corner.

The weather in Melbourne may deceive you sometimes, however it is considered usually stable and comfortable in comparison to the weather in Sydney. The summer in Melbourne starts around November and lasts through April, and it is caharcterized with warm temperatures. In some rare occasions the temperatures can be substantially high. The winter in Melbourne starts in May and lasts through October. The winter can be very cold, however the temperatures do not reach the freezing point, and the weather is quite reasonable.
The summer time attracts many tourists to the city, who arrive from around the globe. For that reason, many attractions may be crowded. During the winter the tourists can enjoy a relaxed winter atmosphere. Whether it is the summer or the winter, Melbourne offers countless attractions, and it suits everyone. Whether you want to experience the taste of an exceptional continent, meet great people, learn about a special tradition or enjoy a vibrant and friendly city – Melbourne is the place for you!

EL AL flights to Australia take off from TLV airport and land at MEL (VIA BKK/HKG) international airport. El Al operates 6 flights per week to this destination. In EL AL flights you can experience a safe enjoyable flight with a varied VOD entertainment package.


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