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Tours in Jerusalem

Tours in Jerusalem

Tours in Jerusalem – Mountain Air and Plenty of History, Culture and Modernization

It is difficult to summarize Jerusalem in a few words, however; it is for a reason that Jerusalem attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. It is for a reason that Jerusalem is sacred to the three main religions, it is for a reason that it tells the tale of so many years of history and heritage, and it is for a reason that it is the heart desire of many who visit it from all over the world.
Jerusalem offers its visitors exaltation, excitement and pleasure, an old city adjacent to a unique modern city and fascinating historical and archeological sites as well as arts and culture, music and theater, in addition to unique gastronomy and weather.

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Here are some of the main attractions that you shouldn't miss while traveling in Jerusalem…

The site of the Western Wall - a unique relic of the Temple, is one of the most important attractions of this city. The Western Wall attracts many tourists from Israel and abroad, who approach it in order to pray, to feel the holiness and to treasure a note between its stones. There's no doubt that the unique atmosphere that surrounds this important place, the strong vibes that are felt while visiting it and its unique history make the Western Wall into one of Jerusalem's most prominent features.

The City of David - a spectacular central site that illustrates Canaanite Jerusalem and ancient Israel, and is another attraction that you should not miss. Visitors are tremendously impressed by a tour in the City of David, which is adjacent to the unique multicolores and ambiance of the city. The City of David is adjacent to the Western Wall and enables you to experience a voyage in time to the era of kings and profits, underground water tunnels and even walls and fortifications.
The Market of the Old City - a celebration to the senses and is a must. Endless colorfulness, scents, dishes, textures and varied people make the visit in the market into an unforgettable experience. The Market of the Old City enables you to get to know the varied faces of Jerusalem, its being a spiritual and religious center for three different religions and their co-existence in it. This authentic experience offers you a different perspective of the city and enables you to get to know its inhabitants.

Yad Vashem Museum - Israel's formal memorial center for the Jewish holocaust of the previous century. You should not skip the visit to this museum while visiting the city. This museum has an enormous historical importance as it enables its many visitors from all over the world to learn more of the Jewish history and of the hardships of the Jewish people during the holocaust. In addition to movies and important findings, this unique museum enables a close gaze at this difficult time experienced by the Jewish people, along the unforgettable stories of the survivors.
Modern Neighborhoods - it is impossible to visit Jerusalem without exploring its Modern Neighborhoods, such as the German Clolony, Ein Kerem, Yemin Moshe and Nachalat Shivah. These wonderful neighborhoods present fascinating architecture and beautiful narrow alleyways adjacent to a rich and ancient history.

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