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Vacation in the Dead Sea

Vacation in the Dead Sea

Vacation in the Dead Sea – Visiting the Lowest Spa in the World

The Dead Sea in Israel is not only the lowest place in the world, but also a place of nature, legacy and beauty. The Dead Sea is considered to be the largest natural spa in the world, as well as a universal center of treatment for a variety of health problems. The Dead Sea region offers you a great variety of historical centers, treatment centers and recreation and leisure hotels as well as kibbutzs, settlements and beautiful travelling routes.

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Where can you visit while vacationing in the Dead Sea?

Kalya Beach - enables easy and comfortable access to the shoreline, as well as true health qualities. As one of the many wonderful beaches offered by the lowest place in the world, Kalya Beach is considered to be one of the most prominent, and it attracts many tourists each year.

Sodom Mountains - which are located in the north-eastern part of the Negev enable tourists to enjoy nature's remarkable colors and beauty very much like they were in the days of creation. Beyond the marvelous beauty of Sodom Mountains, you can enjoy varying attractions including jeep tours; unique and dramatic views, adjacent to exceptional natural phenomena are only a fraction of what you'd find in this wonderful region, which is located close to the Dead Sea. If you wish to combine a relaxing vacation with a more active one, which enables you to enjoy various fascinating views, don't miss the Sodom Mountains

Bedouin Hospitality - one of the attractions unique to the Dead Sea area. In one of the many region's Khans and encampments, such as Neot Hakikar Khan, you'll enjoy encountering the intriguing authentic local Bedouin Hospitality.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi - a true oasis in the Judea Desert that grants you a true impression of the lovely Dead Sea region. In addition to visiting the Kibbutz itself, you can travel through the route of the Ein Gedi River, which is suitable for the whole family, and enjoy an easy and pleasurable desert route in the wonderful scenery. Tour routes in varied degrees of difficulty, splendid views, water and beauty are only a fraction of what this unique place can offer you throughout the year. You could sleep in the Kibbutz or in one of the many hotels at the Dead Sea shores.

Masada National Park - a site of central historical and archeological importance in the history of the Jewish people that will present its visitors with a unique and breathless experience. The fortress, which resides at the edge of the cliff, has a remarkable view of the Dead Sea region, Moab Mountains and the relics of various archeological sites. Masada National Park, also known as a UNESCO international legacy site, is one of Israel's greatest touristic attractions

Ein Boqeq Solarium - a central site for alternative treatments for various diseases and skin and joints problems, which is adjacent to historically important sites. This site enables you to enjoy a variety of unique alternative treatments in the setting of wonderful landscapes.

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