EL AL News
  Nespresso’s Luxury Coffee Takes Off with EL AL 17/09/2014
  EL AL CEO David Maimon Announces the Appointment of Ronen Shapira as Director EL AL Cargo 10/09/2014
  First Time in Europe & Israel!
A New State-of-the-Art Entertainment Experience on
EL AL Flights Entertainment Programs are Broadcast with Streaming Technology Direct to Passengers’ Personal Devices
  EL AL to Recruit 50 New Pilots for its 737 Fleet Meeting the Needs of Increased Operations 19/06/2014
  First Time in Europe & Israel!
A New State-of-the-Art Entertainment Experience on EL AL Flights Entertainment Programs are Broadcast with Streaming Technology Direct to Passengers’ Personal Devices
  EL AL Launches Special Flights for Children and Families on 2014 Summer Flights 17/06/2014
  EL AL Israel Airlines to Fly Pope Francis and his Entourage Home to Rome Following his Historic Visit to Israel 27/05/2014
  EL AL Aircraft Flying Pope Francis Affixed with the Pope's Official Logo 25/05/2014
  EL AL Israel Airlines Chosen to Fly Pope Francis and his Entourage to Rome Following their Historic Visit to Israel 08/04/2014
  UP Flights Begin Operations Today – Sunday, March 30 30/03/2014
  UP Flights Take to the Air on Sunday, March 30. 180,000 flight segments were sold before the first flight departed. Flights to 5 Destinations: Berlin, Budapest, Kiev, Prague and Larnaca
  EL AL Flight Times – Update 24/03/2014
  EL AL Upgrading Business Class and First Class Seats on 747-400 Jumbo Aircraft 16/03/2014
  EL AL First Class Wine Takes the Gold - EL AL Wins the Gold Medal for Best Dessert Wine Served in Premium Class for 2013 12/03/2014
  EL AL to launch internet on board its flights to Europe 05/03/2014
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy, Britain’s Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gold and Jewish Agency Chairperson Natan Sharansky Attend a Special Evening to Mark the 200th EL AL Ambassadors Project Event 24/02/2014
  EL AL Presents its Summer 2014 Timetable 11/02/2014
  Vice President Human Resources and Administration Reuven Virovnik Announces His Decision to Retire 10/02/2014
  EL AL is Pleased to Announce that the First UP Aircraft Has Landed in Israel 05/02/2014
  Chairman of the EL AL Board of Directors Amikam Cohen today announced the Appointment of David Maimon as the New EL AL CEO 02/02/2014
  EL AL Chief Financial Officer Nissim Malki Announces his Decision to Retire 02/02/2014
  EL AL and the International News Channel i24news have signed a cooperative agreement 02/02/2014
  Looking Eastward - EL AL Inaugurates Sixth Weekly Flight to Hong Kong 27/01/2014
  EL AL Increases London Operations Adds Weekly Frequencies to its Summer 2014 Timetable 21/01/2014
  EL AL's French Revolution of Summer 2014! Fourth Daily Flight to Paris 14/01/2014
  EL AL and Ethiopian Airlines Sign Codeshare Agreement for the Tel Aviv – Addis Ababa Route 13/01/2014
  Mayors meeting at EL AL 24/12/2013
  We’re UP and Flying! 09/12/2013
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy Major General (res.) in Israel Air Force announced his decision to retire from his EL AL position, after four years at the helm of the airline. 03/12/2013
  EL AL is proud to Launch-UP
A new aviation brand in Israel For discount Flights to five Destinations in Europe
  New Business Lounge at Newark Airport To Host EL AL Premium Customers 19/11/2013
  Renewal at EL AL - EL AL proudly presents: The Boeing 737-900ER – the most advanced narrow body aircraft in the world – now joining the EL AL fleet 27/10/2013
  The Writing of the EL AL Torah Scroll for the Unity of Israel Is Completed 23/10/2013
  Arriving Soon – EL AL's New Boeing 737 – 900 ER Planes 06/10/2013
  EL AL Presents its Winter 2014 Timetable 03/10/2013
  El Al is preparing to fly hundreds of thousands of tourists to and from Israel in the lead-up to Rosh Hashana of 5774 and throughout the holiday period – 03/09/2013
  Celebrating the holidays at home 03/09/2013
  El Al President Elyezer Shkedy today presented the financial reports for the 2nd quarter of 2013 28/08/2013
  EL AL to Bestow Lifetime Gold Tier Status for Premium Member Golden-Agers 28/08/2013
  In Time for the Peak Travel Season:
EL AL is offering a choice of services to reduce waiting time at the airport
  EL AL – The Official Carrier of the 19th Maccabiah 23/06/2013
  The General Meeting of EL AL Stockholders Today Approved the Fimi Fund Agreement 06/06/2013
  EL AL Prepares for Peak Season – June, July, August 05/06/2013
  El Al President Elyezer Shkedy today presented the financial reports for the first quarter of 2013 28/05/2013
  EL AL Continues to Renew and Rejuvenate its Fleet – One Boeing 767-200 to be Retired from Service 27/05/2013
  EL AL Launches –
Self Check-in Service for Passengers Departing from Ben-Gurion Airport
  EL AL and FIMI Fund Sign Agreement by which FIMI Will Invest Up to 75 Million Dollars in EL AL and Join Knafaim as the Airline’s Controlling Group 15/04/2013
  Flying without luggage? EL AL saves you the wait in line for check in! 11/04/2013
  EL AL Presents its 2013 Summer Timetable 08/04/2013
  EL AL Adds 4 daily Frequencies to Eilat this Summer 18/03/2013
  President of EL AL Israel Airlines Presents EL AL Bible to Director of Important Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and Leads Sefer Torah Signing 13/03/2013
  London – Luton celebrates Purim in Tel Aviv to mark its cooperation with EL AL and the addition of another daily frequency from Tel Aviv 26/02/2013
  EL AL Extends Economy Class Plus Service to its 767-300 Fleet as ofFebruary 18, 2013 19/02/2013
  EL AL continues to streamline – reducing its personnel rolls – terminating the employment of 200 non-tenured employees and employees with personal contracts and introducing organizational changes 17/02/2013
  EL AL to Upgrade London Route with More Daily Flights – Added Daily Frequency to Luton, the Second Largest Airport in London 07/01/2013
  Advance Sale of Preferred Seats to All Passengers 30/12/2012
  EL AL Presents – the e-Cockpit 17/12/2012
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy, Israel Prize Laureate Photographer David Rubinger and Beersheba Mayor Rubik Danilovitch lit the third Chanukah candle yesterday at the opening of the “Moments in the Sky” exhibition displaying historic photos by David Rubinger at the EL AL Lounge. 12/12/2012
  EL AL Leads the Aviation World! 04/12/2012
  Elyezer Shkedy, President and CEO of EL AL, presented the financial reports for the third quarter of 2012 03/12/2012
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy Presents a Matmid Club Membership Card to the Club’s Millionth Member 02/12/2012
  EL AL Winter Deal for Quick Deciders –
5-Day Winter Sale at Special Fares
  EL AL Retiring the Last of its Boeing 757 Aircraft from Service 26/11/2012
  EL AL Continues to Upgrade and Renew its Fleets
The 767-300 Fleet to be Renovated at an Overall Investment of Four Million Dollars
  EL AL's Matmid Frequent Flyer Club is Celebrating its Millionth Customer and Giving Away Millions of Points 06/11/2012
  EL AL's Response to the FAA Decision 04/11/2012
  ALUT Children Paint Calendar Pictures for EL AL Passengers 30/08/2012
  Tour of Jerusalem by EL AL Management 09/08/2012
  The Israel Delegation to the Olympic Games Departed this Morning for London on Flight LY315 17/07/2012
  Elyezer Shkedy, El Al President & CEO, today presented the Company’s financial results for the first quarter of 2012. 28/05/2012
  EL AL is Proud to Present: Economy Class Plus 23/05/2012
  EL AL Launches New Service As Offered by Airlines around the World – EL AL Upgrade 09/05/2012
  EL AL in Facebook –
Celebrate Independence Day in Israel
  El Al: Company revenues for 2011 grew by 4%,
To $2.4 billion
  Due to Continuing Price Hikes in Jet Fuel, EL AL Must Adjust its Fuel Surcharge on Flights to North America, the Far East and South Africa as of March 20, 2012, in Line with Other Airlines 19/03/2012
  Following Record Price Hikes for Jet Fuel, EL AL is Obliged to Adjust the Fuel Surcharge, as Have All Other Airlines, as of February 20, 2012 13/02/2012
  Added Morning Flight to Kiev (KBP) on Mondays Beginning April 2012 12/02/2012
  Like Many Airlines around the World, EL AL Increases Fuel Surcharge on Routes to North America, the Far East and Africa 29/12/2011
  Aviation Industry Summit Meeting:
EL AL Chairman of the Board Amikam Cohen and EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy hosted Jim Albaugh, Executive Vice President of the Boeing Company, on his first visit to Israel
  Changes in EL AL's Flights to London Due to Expected Passport Control Strike in London on Wednesday November 30, 2011 29/11/2011
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy and Chairman of the Board Amikam Cohen to Waive 20% of Their Salaries 24/11/2011
  Special EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Benefit in Honor of the New Year 17/11/2011
  EL AL Continues to Streamline
Approximately 200 Temporary Employees to Leave by the End of the Year
  Jason Alexander Arrives in Israel on EL AL Flight from New York – First Photos in Israel 24/10/2011
  EL AL Continues to Streamline, Reducing Operations on Unprofitable Routes – Flights to/from Odessa and Dnepetrovsk to be Discontinued 24/10/2011
  EL AL Cargo Increases Activity in International Markets 23/10/2011
  EL AL Launches Online Virtual Global Store Shopping, in conjunction with Best Buy 11/10/2011
  EL AL Retires Veteran 767 Aircraft 11/10/2011
  At the initiative of El Al CEO Elyezer Shkedy:
El Al personnel volunteer on Israel’s public diplomacy front
in a project called “El Al Ambassadors -- Blue and White Advocates”
  EL AL Launches a New Program – EL AL GlobaLY —
For Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Members
Residing Around the World
  High above earth, near the clouds, a bit ahead of the sun and moon… 22/09/2011
  For the first time – an interline agreement between EL AL and the premier Canadian airline WestJet 22/09/2011
  EL AL Posts a Trivia Quiz on its Website
Each Day, One Participating Ticket-Buyer Will Get His Money Back!
  EL AL to operate on the basis of the TSA’s guidelines regarding bringing containers of liquids aboard flights departing for the United States, as required by all airlines flying to the US, starting September 19, 2011 15/09/2011
  El Al: Revenues for the 2nd quarter of 2011 grew by about 6%, to $530.5 million 18/08/2011
  EL AL Adopts Soldiers
EL AL Adopts Paratrooper Battalion 202
  EL AL to Discontinue Direct Sao Paulo Flights as of November 10, 2011 03/08/2011
Book now for travel through October
  Attorney Lior Tanner Appointed EL AL Deputy Manager Marketing Division and Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Manager Tanner Will Assume His New Position in September 26/07/2011
  EL AL Operating Scheduled and Charter Flights for Sun D'Or to Resort Destinations in Europe until September 20/07/2011
  EL AL Enlarges Fleet of Planes and Upgrades Bangkok Route –
Boeing 747-400 to Join Fleet
New Aircraft Intended Mainly to Serve Bangkok Route
  EL AL – the Official Carrier for Israel’s Athletes to the 2012 London Olympics 04/07/2011
  Fly EL AL and Surf the Web at NGN Speed 02/06/2011
  Elyezer Shkedy, Company CEO & President, today presented El Al's financial results for
the first quarter of 2011
  EL AL and Leumi Card in Joint Deal 12/05/2011
  Female Pilot Smadar Shechter Participates in the EL AL Flyover 12/05/2011
  EL AL, the National Carrier of Israel, Will Hold the Airline’s Third Annual Independence Day Flyover in the Skies of Israel, on the Country’s 63rd Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration 05/05/2011
  EL AL and Siberia Airlines Extend their Codeshare Agreement 02/05/2011
  EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Offers a Special Benefit for the Passover Holiday – 20% More Points on Conversions of Credit Card Points 14/04/2011
  EL AL Presents Its 2011 Summer Schedule 30/03/2011
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy Presents Fourth Quarter and 2010 Financial Reports 27/03/2011
  EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy today announced that he is personally transferring to EL AL's Fund for “Excellence and People” 50% of the bonus for 2010 to which he is entitled by contract (approximately NIS 5.7 million, gross) 24/03/2011
  EL AL Board Receives Israel Securities Authority Auditor’s Report .

The airline intends to examine the report findings thoroughly. It will implement an internal enforcement plan, correct shortcomings, and draw the appropriate conclusions without delay.
  Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Asks EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy to Open a Direct Route to Boston 10/03/2011
  EL AL Opens Second Campaign with Omri Caspi as Presenter
It will continue to use “The Best Hands in the World” slogan of the previous campaign, with Omri Caspi presenting EL AL’s representatives as he sees them.
  A Window of Opportunity for Anyone Who Likes to Write… 02/03/2011
  EL AL Expands Fleet –
Signs Agreement for Purchase of Boeing 747-400 Passenger Plane
  EL AL Continues to Grow –
EL AL Signs Agreement to Purchase Four New Boeing 737-900 ER Passenger Aircraft
  Following Record Price Hikes in Jet Fuel, EL AL Must Adjust its Fuel Surcharge as of April 1, 2011 08/02/2011
  Sun D'Or Unveils Its 2011 Winter Timetable 08/02/2011
  New on the EL AL Website
Payments through PayPal
  Joint EL AL and Leumi Card Venture – Leumi Card Customers who are Matmid Club Members Can Purchase Bonus Tickets for Half the Number of Points

500 Tickets Allocated for this Deal
  Exclusive EL AL and Harel Insurance Partnership:
EL AL Customers Can Book Exclusive Travel Insurance Online – in One Click